Aerodrome Charts


Aerodrome charts can be arranged by country, in alphabetical order by the name of associated city, or purely in alphabetical order by aerodrome name.



Aerodrome Charts contain

  • Aerodrome Briefing Card, ABC (Optional)
    Brief orientation about the aerodrome, regarding aerodrome location, traffic flow, local weather conditions, traffic, etc.
  • Instrument Approach Charts
    COM frequencies, chart and approach profile and landing minima (EU-OPS, TERPS and State minima, as well as customer's own company minima). JAR-Ops minima can also be provided separately.
  • Landing Charts
    Runway information, aerodrome layout, approach and runway lighting and take-off minima. Engine Fail presentation is also available on landing charts (or standard instrument departure routes), but only by additional contract with Navtech, according to each operator's performance.
  • Ground Charts
    Apron layout, taxi routes, etc.
  • Standard Arrival Routes
    Crossing heights, turning points, and FMS-codes if different from STAR official name.

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